Ortho Bucks

Ortho Bucks

Bussick Ortho Bucks

The Bussick Ortho Buck is a positive reward system designed to recognize the achievements and cooperation of all our patients both young and old. Every patient receives an Ortho Buck at the start of treatment. Punches are awarded for the following:

1 Punch Items

  • 1 punch for being ready for your appointment on time
  • 1 punch for being spotted wearing your Bussick t-shirt outside of the office (if you see one of us, be sure we see you, come say “hi”)
  • 1 punch for excellent hygiene (be sure to brush after you check in at the front)
  • 1 punch for not having anything broken or loose
  • 1 punch for each “A” on a current report card with a maximum of 5 punches
  • 1 punch for excellent cooperation with elastics or turns on an expander
  • 1 punch for wearing a Bussick t-shirt to your appointment
  • 1 punch for bringing in a news clipping or information for our newsletter
  • 1 punch for participating in a patient contest
  • 1 punch for losing a baby tooth
  • 1 punch for scheduling your next appointment before leaving the office

5 Punch Items

  • 5 punches for referring a New Patient
  • 5 punches for turning in a “Keep ‘Em Clean” card – located in the newsletter or at front desk (a note from your dentist letting us know you had a cleaning will also be acceptable)

10 Punch Items

  • 10 additional punches will be given at the time the braces are removed if nothing was broken or loose during treatment
  • 10 punches for referring a New Patient that starts treatment

There are 4 levels of rewards which may be redeemed at any appointment. Once an Ortho Buck is turned in for a prize, the patient will be given a new card to start collecting punches again. The prize cabinet is located in the hallway across from the tooth brushing station. Be sure to check it out!